And Just Like That... creator explains why Carrie didn't call 911 1 year ago

And Just Like That... creator explains why Carrie didn't call 911

We're still not over *that* scene.

*Spoiler warning for episode one of And Just Like That...*

The first episode of the Sex and the City reboot And Just Like That... landed on NOW last week, and we're still not over it.

From the fashion to the drama, there was so much to discuss, but the biggest talking point by far was that ending.

The episode saw Carrie spend the evening at Charlotte's daughter's piano recital, while Mr Big worked out on his Peloton in their home.

However, after arriving home, our leading lady found that her husband was suffering a heart attack as he lay slumped on the ground.

As she realised what was happening, Carrie approached Big and embraced him for one last time. The moment, while heart-breaking, was definitely a point of contention for viewers, many of whom felt that Carrie should have grabbed her phone and dialled 911.

It's understandable. Big looked very unwell, but he was still responsive when Carrie got there. If the emergency services arrived on time, he might have survived.


Since then, the show's creator has addressed fans' frustration with the ending. Lauren Zima, a journalist with Entertainment Tonight, asked Michael Patrick King exactly why we don't see Carrie phone for an ambulance in the scene.

Relaying his answer on Instagram, Zima said: "I asked him about Carrie not calling 911 because I think many of us have had this reaction, we’re watching the scene going, 'Carrie pick up the phone!'

"And he told me that that scene is supposed to be a split second for Carrie. What we’re seeing – Carrie looking at him – time’s frozen. He wanted to play the moment out to have us all feel the pain, but that for Carrie it’s just a second."

So, there you have it. Perhaps Carrie does pick up the phone immediately after that split second passes, and we just don't see it.

Devastating either way.

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