Blathnaid Treacy urges parents to stop giving her "unsolicited advice" 6 months ago

Blathnaid Treacy urges parents to stop giving her "unsolicited advice"

"Just think before you speak."

Blathnaid Treacy has asked her followers to stop giving her their "daunting" and "negative" advice when it comes to childbirth and parenting.

The RTÉ presenter announced that she is expecting her first child with husband Charlie Moon earlier this year and the couple is set to welcome their little girl this summer.

Taking to Instagram stories, the soon to be mum urged parents to stop sending her "unsolicited" stories and explained that pregnancy was difficult enough without that.


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She said: "I've just entered my third trimester, and everything's great and everything's wonderful but I have just decided to jump on here and ask people a small favour."

She went on to explain that after speaking to other pregnant women about these stories, she found that the negative and "scary" stories are more often the ones that are told.

"It's incredibly daunting being pregnant and you're very hormonal, and it's a scary time -- it's exciting, but it's also kind of scary," she continued.

"All of this stuff, it's actually so incredibly insensitive, because it's such a daunting thing being pregnant. It's wonderful, but it can be so overwhelming at times, and I just think maybe you should think before you speak."


Blathnaid went on to say that if you are talking to a pregnant person, "let them ask you questions, rather than coming at them with unsolicited advice and stories about how horrific things are.

"Just please, be really sound to pregnant women because it's really hard work growing a person.

"Just think before you speak."

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