There's honesty: Katie Price says she "hates" her children's dads 1 year ago

There's honesty: Katie Price says she "hates" her children's dads

"My relationship with them are non-existent."

Katie Price isn't exactly known as someone who minces her words – and apparently that applies even to how she speaks about the exes she shares kids with.

In a recent podcast episode, the model stated she hates the fathers of her children, branding her relationship with the dads as "non-existent".

Speaking as a guest on the Netmums podcast Sweat, Snot & Tears, the mum-of-five was asked about her experience of co-parenting.

"Forget it, I will stop you there. I hate the dads," she said. "The Priory number one and The Priority number two. That’s all I’m saying.

"My relationship with them are non-existent.

"I’m blocked from one of the dads, and it was always lawyers, lawyers. And now I refuse to do lawyers, lawyers, but luckily they're old enough that I can talk to them direct.

"One dad there is just absolutely no contact with and he tries to control me all the time. And the other dad, I can’t bear him, but we talk for the kids."


Katie shares her eldest son Harvey, 19, with ex-footballer Dwight Yorke, though she claims he has never really had a relationship with their son.

She also shares Junior, 16, and Princess, 14, with ex Peter Andre, as well as Jett, 8, and Bunny, 7, with ex Kieran Hayler.

Despite airing her frustrations with her children's dads, she said it's important to prioritise the kids' feelings when co-parenting.

"I will say, never, ever use the kids as a pawn. Even if you hate the other parent, don’t let your kids know and just do what’s best for the kids," she said.

"You want a happy home when they are with you and a happy home when they go to them. Always think of the kids, they want their mum and they want their dad.

"Let your kids see both parents. Never use the kids ever, even if you hate the other half."