Kelsey Parker says trauma of losing Tom is "beyond anything anyone could imagine" 8 months ago

Kelsey Parker says trauma of losing Tom is "beyond anything anyone could imagine"

"My life has changed so dramatically."

Kelsey Parker, the widow of The Wanted singer Tom Parker, has spoken about the long-lasting impact of grief.

The mum-of-two has been sharing her experience in a documentary series for ITVBe titled Kelsey Parker: Life After Tom. On this week's episode, she explained that she feels she will never feel "OK" again.

Speaking to the camera about her trauma, she said: "Because I’m putting on a brave face people think I’m OK. Of course, I’m not OK. I’m never going to be OK, am I? I’m never going to be the Kelsey I was two years ago and that’s just it."

She added: "I’m never going to be that person again because my life has changed so dramatically and I’ve been through the biggest thing. The trauma I’ve suffered is beyond anything anyone could ever imagine."

Tom passed away in March of 2022 at the age of 33. He had been sick with brain cancer. As well as Kelsey, he is survived by their two young children, three-year-old Aurelia and two-year-old Bodhi.

In a previous episode of Life After Tom, Kelsey suggested that Tom would want her to find love again.


At a widows' group in a pub, Kelsey was asked if she thought her late husband would be "happy" for her to move on.

To this, she said: "We didn’t really have those conversations but, knowing Tom, I feel like he would be happy for me. He’d just want me to be happy. And I’m so young."

In another episode of the series, Kelsey was moved to tears after Tom's record company sent her a commemorative set of gold disc of The Wanted's Gold Forever, which has been dedicated to their former bandmate's memory.

The package came with a letter which read: "Thank you for sharing him. Tom will remain in our hearts and our memories."

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