Mrs Hinch and Charlotte Dawson claim trolls threatened to get their children taken away 4 months ago

Mrs Hinch and Charlotte Dawson claim trolls threatened to get their children taken away

Mrs. Hinch and Charlotte Dawson are both claiming that trolls are attempting to have their children taken away from them.

Charlotte, a mum-of-one who is pregnant with her second, said that she has been 'down' recently as a result of trolls calling social services on her.

Taking to social media, she told fans that she has been "taking a breather from Instagram life".

She said: "Sorry I've been a little bit quiet over the weekend, I just needed a bit of a breather from Instagram life, to be in real family and friends life in the moment with people that really matter.

"I love all of you on Instagram and I am so grateful for all the support and love, everything that I receive is just amazing.

"But it's been a really tough couple of days, if I'm honest. I'm heavily pregnant as you can tell, he's blooming isn't he, our lad?

"As much as I wanna come off social media, because I really do, it makes you feel like you just want going to come off, what I'm about to tell you. I just got to put my big girl knickers on."


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She went on to explain that she can't let trolls win and she won't give into their demands.


Dawson continued: "If you have been following me for a while you will have seen that I got a phone call off social services last year, last July.

"Basically it was saying that Noah is always injured in my care, I'm always drunk around him, he's always in hospital and all this crap.

"They said me and Matthew aren't capable of looking after Noah and he needs to be taken off of us.

"That was all last year and obviously nothing's come of it and it's just kind of been forgotten about.

"This person makes accounts all the time and says really disgusting and disturbing things, and puts like Noah's name on a gravestone, sick things like that."

Charlotte says she believes these people won't give up until something bad happens to her and said they're claiming she never knew her own dad and is trying to make money out of him.

She also revealed that some are trying to get in contact with her friends and family to make false claims.

Mrs Hinch then commented on the video, revealing that the same thing has happened to her in the past and sent her some support.

"Oh I'm so sorry," she wrote. "A similar thing happened to me Charlotte , it’s sickening, but please never give up.

"You make me smile daily on here and you’re incredible, all the best."


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