Olivia Wilde calls for her ex Jason Sudeikis to pay childcare costs and £400k legal bills 5 months ago

Olivia Wilde calls for her ex Jason Sudeikis to pay childcare costs and £400k legal bills

The couple split in 2020.

Olivia Wilde has called for her ex Jason Sudeikis to pay childcare costs on top of £400k worth of legal bills.

Following their split, Olivia filed court papers that a source close to the Ted Lasso star claimed were “unfair and unfounded” accusations.

Filed in California last month, Olivia claimed in her legal statement that Jason behaved with “egregious, unnecessary, and aggressive conduct” and paid no child support.

She also claimed that the actor covered “100% of the costs of the children’s care” while they are with her and they split the cost of "expenses for the children, such as their school tuition” after their break up.

Olivia has now requested that Jason pays her £400,000 legal bills as she claims he is "wealthier than I am and has far greater income”.

A source close to Jason told The Mirror: "Olivia and Jason shared costs equally and fairly throughout their relationship, including everything related to the ­children.

“Jason took it upon himself to initiate the proceedings in the first place to ensure that the kids would be properly cared for by both parents based on the court deciding what is fair financially going forward.”


The former couple is parents to eight-year-old Otis and six-year-old Daisy. They called off their seven-year engagement in November 2020 and it wasn't long after that Olivia began dating Harry Styles.

While the two had split family costs for the first year of their split, this came to an end in November 2021 when Jason requested that the New York Family Court determines an agreement.

Last year, Olivia was infamously served custody papers live on stage while showcasing her movie Don't Worry Darling at CinemaCon.

Wilde was in the middle of a speech when someone approached the stage.

They were holding a brown envelope that had 'personal and confidential' printed on it.

Wilde opened the envelope on stage but remained professional. According to reports, child custody documents were inside the envelope.

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