Are you the middle child? It could mean that you're the best friend to have 1 year ago

Are you the middle child? It could mean that you're the best friend to have

Stuck in the middle?

Well, don't worry because it turns out that the myth that middle born children are somehow the forgotten siblings is not only untrue but that middle kids have got it going on.

Studies suggest that because they rely less on attention than first-born or last-born siblings, middle-borns are more reliable and make better friends because of it.

Because of their position in the family, the middle child spends more time with their siblings than their parents and are usually the ones that their siblings turn to in times of need.

Middle-borns were found to put a lot of value in their relationships with other people and were more likely to have a close tight-knit group of friends.

The middle child is also much less likely to cheat on a significant other than an eldest or youngest born.

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When Business Insider spoke to Catherine Salmon, co-author of the book "The Secret Power of Middle Children," she said;


"As they get older [middleborns] recognise that they were given more space, and it makes them more independent and more capable. They tend to be very successful with their friendships, and very successful with their marriages."

She also said that middle children seem to be more open-minded and much more likely to try new things than their older or younger siblings.

I'm the eldest so while I can't say 'that is so me' I can confirm that my brother who is right smack in the middle of myself and my siblings is definitely the most reliable.

He would also have one close group of friends, whereas I and my sister, who are the eldest and youngest, would have several groups of friends.

To be honest my brother has never seemed bothered by being the middle sibling. Maybe it's because he's the only boy so he got attention in that regard but I think really he's just never been fussed about getting noticed. He's very down to earth and never been interested in having big birthday parties or anything that would draw attention to himself.

Any of my friends who are middle children seem to have the same chill, salt of the earth quality, so I think there may be some truth in this research.

So what is your opinion on all of this?

Was it hard being the middle child or did you relish the extra independence growing up?