Brad and Jen 'trust each other again' 15 years after split, and hooray 2 years ago

Brad and Jen 'trust each other again' 15 years after split, and hooray

A momentous occasion.

Brad and Jen aren't back together - but they are friends again, and to be honest, that's all any of us could ever ask for.

The pair have been spending a bit of time together - as mates - ever since they both became single.

And although there are those among us desperately hoping and forever wishing that they'll rekindle their romance of yore, they haven't.

But they have rekindled one thing: their friendship. 

“They’ve built their bond and rekindled their friendship so much more than it was the past few years now that they’re both single," a source told Hollywood Life.

"They’ve realised what’s important in life and since they shared so much love for each other it’s such a nice thing for them both to have this kind of close friendship again.


"They trust each other and love the fact that they have someone who has their back."

Great to hear it.

This absolutely noteworthy news comes after Brad made an appearance at Jen's 50th birthday party in her home in Bel Air.

The Once Upon A Time In Hollywood actor landed down to the party early enough this month, and was in fact one of the last to leave - at the respectable hour of 11pm.

"Brad arrived a little after 7p.m. and most guests started arriving soon after," a source told E! News.

"He was among the first arrive and the second to last guest to leave at close around 11p.m."

See? Very respectable. Nothing to see here, folks.