Katie Price admits to going through her son's phone every night 10 months ago

Katie Price admits to going through her son's phone every night

"There's some girls on Junior that I've blocked."

Should a parent keep tabs on their child's phone? That was the debate the panel on ITV's Loose Women had today.

Panellist Katie Price said that she keeps a close eye on what her kids have on theirs.

"I go through the kids' phones like a fine-toothed comb," she said.

"They're not even allowed to have their own passwords!

"I have to know their passwords and the thing I love most is when they go to bed at night I get their phones and I sit and I go through everything."

Katie also admitted to being shocked by some of the things her 13-year-old son Junior had been sent.


"Their pictures, their messages – there's some girls on Junior that I've blocked.

"The things that 13 year olds are sending… I can't believe it so I’ve blocked them and I go through Junior’s notes incase he’s saved them.

"I tell him 'I've had to because I'm not having 13 year olds like that sending you stuff like that.'"

She said she's not as concerned about her daughter Princess as she's younger, but is still vigilant.

"Princess is different because she's not in the same mindset as Junior at the moment because she’s 10 but I still have to check everything.

"I make it clear to them that they never send people pictures of anything and things have to be private. They know I’m going to through it all.

"I go through their history, their recently deleted – I go through everything.

"I say to them 'if I do find something, and you break that trust, you won't be getting your phone back' – so they've learnt."