The rumours continue: Victoria and David Beckham 'are secretly separated' 5 years ago

The rumours continue: Victoria and David Beckham 'are secretly separated'

With their high-flying careers and the demands of four children, Victoria and David Beckham are understandably apart for much of year.

However, some leading publications have recently gone one step further: claiming that their marriage is certainly not as rock-solid as it seems.

Indeed, the Mail On Sunday states that high-profile couple are doing "little to dispel rumours that they are leading increasingly separate lives" citing their new country abode as evidence of said fact.

The Beckhams have purchased a €5.5million rural farmhouse in Oxfordshire and the plans, claims the MOS, show "two distinct living quarters – of equal size – each with their own kitchen, bedrooms and a courtyard".

A source told the publication: "It actually works out well for David, Victoria and the kids. If they are all driving each other mad, they can retreat into these wings like they are living in separate houses."


David and Victoria married in Dublin 18 years ago and have four children aged between 18 and six.

They are widely considered to be one of celebrity's biggest power-couples, and have a net worth of more than half a billion euro.

Here at HerFamily, we're not entirely sure what to make of these latest rumours, but certainly the Beckhams remain one of our favourite celebrity pairings and we wish them all the best.