This swimming instructor is teaching four-month-olds to stand 5 years ago

This swimming instructor is teaching four-month-olds to stand

Snorri Magnusson is some guy.

Not only is he a pretty successful Icelandic swimming instructor, but he's also been teaching babies as young as four-months-old to stand on their own for up to 15 seconds.

Earlier this year, videos emerged of Magnusson doing his thing in the pool. He can be seen holding babies' feet in the palm of his hand above his head, and somehow, the children are not falling down.

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The instructor has been called 'The Baby Whisperer' by many who have seen him in action, and now he's finally spoken out about the secret to his impressive trick.

According to Magnusson, it's all down to the spine.

"When there is strength in the spine and the upper body you can do whatever. It always starts with the training."


The Baby Whisperer's pool course lasts for 12 weeks, and at the end of it, the majority of children in attendance are able to stand up by themselves for at least 10 seconds.

He has said that parents are always shocked when they see their four or five-month-old standing up above his shoulders all by themselves.

Magnusson is Iceland's first swimming instructor for babies.

His website says that over 35 percent of parents in the country are now opting to enrol their babies in swimming courses.

According to him, this is a world record.