I tried out PS4's family-friendly PlayLink games... and was pleasantly surprised 2 years ago

I tried out PS4's family-friendly PlayLink games... and was pleasantly surprised

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My memories of games consoles involve the Nineties, a LOT of tangled wires, and theme music that would stay in your head for days on end.

I assume that things have advanced significantly since I embraced Sonic The Hedgehog 25-odd years ago - but I haven't taken up a control set in an awfully long time. So it's safe to say, I'm a very novice gamer!

Until recently, that is.

I was prompted to give PS4's range of PlayLink games a go after recommendations from my fellow mums; they assured me that it's a festive-worthy activity that will have aunts, cousins, kids, grandparents... and everyone else totally enthralled.

Thankfully, I also found it incredibly easy-to-navigate (a must when you know that in the next 16-18 years you will never have hours on end to get to grips with any sort of complicated instructions).

The PlayLink titles are also less hardcore gamer and more 'a bit of craic on a rainy Saturday afternoon' (which is just as well as suffice to say I'm not really a hardcore game). It also gives you the perfect opportunity to play alongside your kids rather than just watching them play.

Once you're logged in via the free PlayLink app, you can use your smartphone or tablet as a controller. The app connects directly to your PS4 via WIFI and after that it’s pretty much plug in and play - within minutes we were all able to gather around the TV and get going.

In the aftermath, I'm a complete PS4 PlayLink convert but here are the three titles I particularly loved (aka played for hours):

1) SingStar Celebration

Download the SingStar mic app for your smartphone and prepare to wow your friends and family with your amazing talent. Up to eight people can play this - and it has perfect Christmas Day entertainment written all over it.

2) Knowledge Is Power

Again, this is great for the festive period. You have to answer a load of different trivia questions and outsmart your family. It's essentially all about speed and accuracy - and you WILL get ridiculously competitive.

3) That's You

This is a bit of fun; up to six people take part in a quiz... where you find out what you really think of one another (keep it civil, folks). There are also general trivia questions, drawing challenges, and texting games.

There are plenty of other titles too to explore as a family - and it's suitable for kids from the age of around six all the way to grannies and grandpas.

For me, PS4's PlayLink is an edgy, more engaging alternative to the likes of board games. In fact, I think I might have just found my brand-new family Christmas tradition.

Brought to you by PlayStation.

Combining your smartphone, TV and PlayStation 4, PlayLink for PS4 is an exciting new way to play that’s transforming social gatherings. PlayLink for PS4 games start from €19.99 each and are available from stockists nationwide.