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28th Nov 2018

3 fantastic apps to download when you are trying to get pregnant

Trine Jensen-Burke

Currently looking to start (or add to) your family?

Then you might want to make sure those two blue lines crop up on your pregnancy test as soon as possible.

In which case an ovulation app might be a great thing to download, as it helps you track your cycle more precisely – meaning, of course, you can always be on the ball when it comes to making sure you are actually getting down to business on the days you are most likely to end up pregnant.

There are plenty out there to chose from these days, but these three are all free and have plenty of positive feedback from users:

1. Clue

This period, fertility and ovulation tracker has been around since 2013, and will notify you you of your most fertile days. It also comes with a handy clue-in feature that lets you share your information with others (like your partner, so that he can hurry back home when you need him for duty!)

Clue is free and available on ios and Android

2. Dot

This period and fertility tracker wins points by being incredibly easy to use and can be used to either plan or prevent pregnancy.

Dot is also free and available on ios and Android

3. Glow

The stand-out feature of Glow Ovulation and Fertility Tracker is that, as well as keeping tabs on your fertile days and health log, it can also be used for male fertility tracking, meaning these can be synched and give a more complete view of a couple’s fertile healthy.

Glow is free and available on ios and Andriod.