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29th Jul 2021

If you want to check in on your fertility, here’s a really affordable way to do it

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A more affordable way to handle your fertility.

If you’ve ever looked into fertility treatments, it probably comes as no surprise to you that they can be pretty costly.

Whether you’re hoping to start a family as soon as possible or you just want to check in on your health and plan ahead for the future, everyone deserves some support when it comes to managing their fertility.

That’s why Thérapie Fertility Clinic are making fertility treatments more accessible for Irish women.

As Ireland’s most accessible and affordable fertility clinic,  Thérapie Fertility allows customers to pay for their treatments through manageable payment plans using humm. They are the first clinic in Ireland offering this financing option, in a bid to make fertility treatment available to anyone who needs it.


Humm is a retail instalment payment facility which, in simpler terms, means you can use it to pay for goods offered by any of their Retail Partners. The Thérapie Fertility Clinic is one of humm’s retail partners, meaning you can use it to split your payments into small, easy-to-manage instalments that you can pay off monthly.

Thérapie Fertility offers a variety of fertility preservation packages and fertility treatments, and they’re a great tool to have when it comes to planning for your future.

You can use humm for any of the following Thérapie Fertility treatments:

Egg freezing

Freezing your eggs is a great way to take control of your future fertility and it’s ideal for young people who aren’t ready to start a family just yet, but hope to one day.

Egg Freezing with Thérapie Fertility starts from €1995 but with humm, you can pay it off in easy-to-manage instalments starting at €70 per month. These costs include monitoring, egg collection and egg freezing.


IVF is a common treatment for individuals or couples who have had fertility issues, or those who wish to use a sperm donor.

Thérapie Fertility’s IVF treatment costs €3995 or you can pay it off monthly using humm, starting at €135 per month. The IVF treatment includes a blastocyst culture, a embryoscope, a fresh embryo transfer and embryo freezing.

Reciprocal IVF

Reciprocal IVF gives same sex female couples (or those with trans partners) the opportunity to share the physical experience of pregnancy. It involves one of the partners providing the eggs to be used in an IVF cycle with donor sperm, while the other partner will carry the pregnancy.

The Reciprocal IVF treatment at Thérapie Fertility costs €5995 but with humm, you can pay for your treatment through instalments starting at €185 per month.* This fee includes blastocyst culture, an embryoscope, freezing of all embryos and the first frozen embryo transfer.

So whether you’re ready to start a family now or simply want to plan ahead Thérapie Fertility Clinic’s treatments can help you get clued in on your own health and plan for that future you’ve always wanted.

You can learn more about humm here.

For more information on the Thérapie Fertility Clinic’s treatments, click here.

At Thérapie Fertility Clinic, we believe that fertility treatment should be accessible for everyone, in fact it’s one of the core values behind our clinic. Because of this we have partnered with humm to allow you to avail of our treatments without paying for your entire service in advance. Every patient is given the same level of care, but with exceptional prices.

*Thérapie Fertility Clinic prices do not include the cost of sperm donors. 

Brought to you by humm