Baby pictured holding mum's failed IUD after 'miracle' pregnancy 2 months ago

Baby pictured holding mum's failed IUD after 'miracle' pregnancy

The best birth photo ever?

Photos of a newborn baby holding his mum's IUD are going viral and we can't quite cope with the adorable photos.

The viral photos of the newborn holding onto the coil are certainly one of a kind.

It is believed the coil came out during the birth, but reports claiming the baby pulled it out have been denied.

Hai Phong International Hospital

The 34-year-old mum had the coil inserted two years ago, but doctors believe it moved from its original position, resulting in the mum conceiving her latest addition.


The baby boy was born at Hai Phong International Hospital in northern Vietnam. The tiny tot, which is the mum's third child, weighed a healthy 7lbs.

The doctor who delivered the little boy said: "After delivery, I thought him holding the device was interesting, so I took a picture. I never thought it would receive so much attention."

Doctors have stressed that this isn't a common occurrence and an IUD is a reliable form of contraception.

The copper coil is a T-shaped plastic and copper device that is inserted into the womb. It releases copper to prevent pregnancy.

The device is 99% effective when it is inserted correctly, medical experts have stressed.