After a tragic miscarriage... Big Bang star reveals she's pregnant again 5 years ago

After a tragic miscarriage... Big Bang star reveals she's pregnant again

It’s congratulations to Melissa Rauch and her husband Winston who are expecting their first child.

The Big Bang Theory actress revealed the news on, where she wrote about her excitement to welcome her first child but also her fears after having previously experienced a miscarriage.

“I’m expecting my first child. [I’m] extremely overjoyed, but if [I’m] being honest, due to the fact that [I] had a miscarriage the last time [I] was pregnant, [I’m] pretty much terrified at the moment that it will happen again.”

The actress revealed that she was nervous to share the news so soon and jokingly said she’d prefer to wait till they “head off to college”.


“The miscarriage I experienced was one of the most profound sorrows I have ever felt in my life.

“It kickstarted a primal depression that lingered in me.

"The image of our baby on the ultrasound monitor—without movement, without a heartbeat—after we had seen that same little heart healthy and flickering just two weeks prior completely blindsided us and haunts me to this day.”

Melissa said that she found it tough to hear about other people falling pregnant when she was dealing with her loss, and now thinks about those women struggling as she shares her good news.

“So, to all the women out there who are dealing with fertility issues, have gone through a miscarriage or are going through the pain of it currently, allow me to leave you with this message: You are not alone. And, it is perfectly OK to not be OK right now.”