This embryo was conceived in 1992 but the baby was born in 2017 1 year ago

This embryo was conceived in 1992 but the baby was born in 2017

Emma Gibson was but a mere embryo in 1992 when was she conceived.

However, she was born late this year to adoptive parents Tina and Benjamin Gibson after being frozen for 24 years.

Emma's embryo was frozen and donated to a clinic in Knoxville, Tennessee, in the early 90s.

NBC has reported that it is not yet known whether this birth has broken a world record, but that doctors reckon it's fairly close to one.

Dr Jeffrey Keenan said that it was difficult to find those kinds of records as they are not made public.

“We had our medical library, which is very good at finding things, look to see if they could find anything older than that and they could not."

He also said that it was "neat" that the embryo was frozen just a year before her new mum was conceived.

There exists no evidence to suggest that embryos frozen for longer periods of time develop differently to other babies.

New mum Tina said that if Emma had have been born 25 years ago, "we could have been best friends."

She also called Emma her "miracle" because of this.

She has been thanking God for her daughter.

“People say, oh it’s science but no, I think it’s a gift from the Lord,” she said.