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03rd Oct 2017

The finale of The Babymakers had us all in bits last night

The series followed Irish couples undergoing IVF treatment.

Anna O'Rourke

Did you tune in?

We were always going to be glued to the final episode of The Babymakers on TV3, but we weren’t expecting to get so emotional about it.

The series brought home the reality of infertility issues that many Irish people face as it followed six couples undergoing IVF treatment.

After false starts, heartbreak and plenty of other ups and downs, there was good news all round, thankfully.

Each of the three couples featured last night managed to get pregnant, to the delight of those of us watching at home.

Emma and Bianca are expecting a baby in December, while Eoghan and Fiona are set to welcome their twins at the end of the year.

Robbie and Naoimh have already become parents and we even got to meet their little boy straight after his birth in an emotional scene filmed at Dublin’s Rotunda Hospital.

The whole episode was a bit much for everyone.

Viewers also heaped praise on the show and those who took part in it.

Somewhat coincidentally, the Irish government today confirmed that it would commit to funding for struggling couples seeking help to get pregnant.

Health Minister Simon Harris discussed financial assistance for assisted reproduction with his Cabinet colleagues today, reports The Irish Times.

“One in six of us could experience infertility challenges at any time and I would like to by the end of the year be in a position to provide clarity to families in terms of what supports we may be able to provide from 2019,” he said.