'We knew we couldn't conceive naturally... then something incredible happened' 1 year ago

'We knew we couldn't conceive naturally... then something incredible happened'

A heartwarming story that sums up the rollercoaster of getting pregnant: after almost a decade of trying and rounds of IVF, a young family find themselves unexpectedly blessed with an impending new arrival.

And Emma Bransgrove has recently shared her unconventional experiences on Facebook in order to inspire others to "never give up".

"We already have 2 girls - both IVF babies," she explains, describing how doctors told her and her husband it would be medically "impossible to conceive naturally".

Emma continues: "It's been over 8 years since we first started trying for a baby."

However, she luckily got pregnant on her very first round of IVF, adding: "We then chose to have our second IVF cycle soon after having our first as always wanted the first two close together."

Although second time around Emma was initially pregnant with twins, she lost one of the babies at the eight-week mark. Still, the family went on to welcome a second healthy little girl in April 2017 - just 19 months after their first baba arrived. 

Emma describes: "Fast forward to December 21, 2017 biggest shock of my (and my husband's!) life: positive pregnancy test. WTF! Definitely a false positive (obviously) so test 4 more times... They're clearly all wrong because we can't conceive naturally, right!?

"I was 2lb off of losing 2 stone as well; I worked bloody hard to drop that, I can't be pregnant! Nope, I'm definitely pregnant."

Emma is now over the 14-week mark and says she and her husband "are absolutely ecstatic!"

"This is everything we have ever wanted, although I would never ever change what we had to go through to have the most amazing and beautiful little girls that we already have," Emma says, adding that there will be just 16 months between this baby and their second born.

Three babies under three! And although she admits they're not sure how they'll cope (they weren't contemplating another little one for four more years until they could save for another IVF treatment) Emma also says that she and her husband "couldn't be happier"

She concludes: "No reason to this post other than to say to those who are struggling or know someone who is struggling or who has ever struggled, never give up hope.

"This was the last thing I thought I would ever get the opportunity to post about."

Indeed, as Emma later states: "We have our fair share of shit and heartache throughout our journey to have children. But we never gave up."

In the aftermath, the family has been inundated with love and support - and we have to say that here at HerFamily, it's one of the nicest stories we've heard in last while.

Good luck to Emma and her gorgeous hubbie and girls!