Practicing yoga may help you conceive quicker – here is why 4 years ago

Practicing yoga may help you conceive quicker – here is why

Trying for a baby?

For many women, getting pregnant does not take a lot of effort. (However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't try to make sure your body is in its best possible form for getting pregnant – and growing and birthing a baby).

For others, getting pregnant can take longer, and statistically, more and more of us, for a number of reasons, are experiencing problems conceiving and infertility.

We all know that eating right, sleeping enough, avoiding stress and being fit and healthy all can impact our chances of getting pregnant and having a healthy pregnancy. But did you know youga can also be an effective solution? It's true.

Not looking at age-related infertility, stress is being listed by experts as one of the number one issues when it comes to conceiving. Why? Because stress affects our body so much that it creates various hormonal imbalances – all of which can contribute to problems with getting pregnant.

And here is why yoga can help with just that

1. Yoga reduces stress

Stress plays a major role in slowing down (reducing) your fertility, and yoga is a great way to beat stress and achieve peace of mind. And while yoga is about movement, it is also, maybe even more so, about how you breathe. The breathing techniques associated with yoga can help lower the stress hormone cortisol in the body, which, in turn, can increase your chances of conceiving. Even better? By reducing stress, you will no doubt also sleep better – which again is all sorts of important for your reproductive health.

2. Yoga helps detoxify the body


Certain yoga poses can help detoxify the body and in turn help boost your fertility. Yoga can also help relax tight muscles and connective tissues.

3. Yoga increases Circulation

Many infertility issues arise due to blockages. With yoga, you can increase your blood circulation and ensure that it reaches the reproductive organs. This can help create a positive environment for a pregnancy.

4. Yoga boosts your immune system

Yoga is great way to boost your immunity. Practicing yoga helps you find your inner calm, which in turn can help raise the number of white blood cells in the body. This not just helps you keep common diseases at bay, but can also help you get pregnant quicker, as your body is in a healthier state in general.

5. Yoga helps keep the ovaries healthy

Certain yoga poses reroute the blood flow to reach the ovaries, which helps to provide these specific organs with more oxygen, making them healthier. It is important to note that ovarian dysfunction is a common cause of infertility in women.