Summer loving? 2019 could see a massive baby boom because of the heatwave 4 years ago

Summer loving? 2019 could see a massive baby boom because of the heatwave

Are you due in 2019?

If you are it may be because of all the good weather we have had this year.

Yes, it seems that the heatwave that Ireland experienced this summer may have caused a surge in babies being made and 2019 is in for a huge baby boom!

Why is this?

A large part of the reason why this summer may have seen more conceptions is that of our increased serotonin levels.

Known as the happy chemical, serotonin is a chemical that transmits messages between nerve cells.

Experts believe that because this summer was particularly sunny it heightened the population's serotonin levels, making us all a lot happier and making couples feel a lot more loved up.


Scientists have also found that sunny weather can boost a woman's chances of conceiving a child by as much as a third.

Some have even gone as far as to suggest that couples trying to start a family should vacation somewhere hot to improve their chances of conception.

The reasoning behind this is the belief that melatonin, which influences our reproductive cycles, is stimulated by the sun.

Vitamin D can also affect that quality of eggs that our bodies produce, so taking in a healthy dose of sunshine while trying to become pregnant could be very beneficial.

If all of this is true then next year could see a huge influx of babies being born as we had plenty of serotonin and vitamin D boosting weather.

I wonder if any of the babies will be called Summer?

Are you due to have a baby in 2019 and if so did you fall pregnant during this heatwave?