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01st May 2019

Surgeon calls for womb transplants so that trans women can become pregnant

Melissa Carton

Could this help trans women experience pregnancy?

A British surgeon is calling for womb transplants to allow transgender women to have their own children.

He believes that transgender women could successfully become pregnant with the procedure.


Last year a baby was born from a transplanted womb for the first time. The surgery which took place in Brazil saw a woman receive a womb from a deceased organ donor.

Surgeon Christopher Inglefield now believes that a similar procedure could see transgender women becoming pregnant and being able to carry their baby to term.

“This pioneering birth is extremely important for any trans female who would like to carry her own child.”

According to Small Joys TV, Dr Inglefield feels that transgender women deserve the chance to bear their own children.

Due to the narrower pelvis of transgender women, the birthing process would inevitably involve a caesarean section.

Transgender women could also take supplements to replicate the hormones that women experience during pregnancy.