Winter might be the best time to get pregnant – and here's why 1 year ago

Winter might be the best time to get pregnant – and here's why

Thinking of adding a(nother) baby to the family?

Then you might start thinking about trying for it sooner rather than later – as autumn and winter is actually the best time to get pregnant.

And not just because this time of year is the ideal time to cosy up in front of the fire or your favourite Netflix show!

Nope, there is more to the colder season for baby-making than just the mood.

For instance, men's sperm count is increased during the colder months, and this, naturally, makes getting pregnant easier. In fact, some studies show that November and December are the most fertile months based on the number of births nine months later.

Note that it's not so much what winter does to sperm as it is what it doesn’t do. Heat is a known cause of reduced sperm counts, which is why fertility experts tend to advise men to avoid any heat around the testicles if they are trying to conceive.

What this means, of course, is that even if it is winter, your other half shouldn't be sitting with his laptop in his lap or soaking in a scolding hot bath too often.


The festive season is peak baby-making time

It might seem a little simplified, but it turns out, the holiday season is beneficial when it comes to baby-making – and not just because the weather is cooler.

No, the reason being is that people and couples spend more time together, making memories and hanging out with family, and often, the end of the year is a time when people take stock and set goals for what they want out of the next year – such as a baby.

But keep in mind – the holiday season can also be rather stressful to many, and stress can actually hinder your chances of getting pregnant.

Meaning, it can be a good idea to try to keep your stress levels in check when it comes to all things Christmas – be it the entertaining, the shopping, the hanging out with family etc.

Look, we all know there is plenty of shopping to do and engagements to make; but if a baby is on your mind, just be sure to take care of yourself, too. That is the best way to increase your chances of conceiving during the winter months.