5 achievable lunchbox tips to consider now that we're - FINALLY! - back to school 4 years ago

5 achievable lunchbox tips to consider now that we're - FINALLY! - back to school

Brought to you by Celtic Pure Irish Spring Water.

Well, mums and dads, our little tots are FINALLY back to school.

And with term-time comes more hectic schedules (think school runs, extracurricular activities, and homework) meaning we're currently considering anything that makes our day run that bit more smoothly.

Making better choices is a great start - and at this time of year better choices begins with the lunchbox.

Here, Celtic Pure Irish Spring Water and nutritionist Elsa Jones share their top five and super-easy tips to ensure our kids are getting the very best nutrition possible.

1. Banish The Fruit Juice

Fruit juice is loaded with sugar - not ideal for teeth or our kids’ health. Research shows that up to 40 percent of parents aren't aware of how much sugar their kids consume. So to ensure it's not more than it should be, grab water with a hint of fruit - it's a simple swap between the two.


Celtic Pure Irish Spring Water has just launched A Hint of Fruit flavoured spring water that aims to provide hydration the healthy way. With a hint of fruit in every bottle, it has no artificial sweeteners, no sugars - just good, natural fruit flavours and added vitamins. It comes in a kids-size bottle and undoubtedly, little ones will be very pleased to try those Apple and Blackcurrant, Strawberry and Watermelon, plus the Lemon and Lime flavours. The perfect option for lunchboxes and schoolbags.

Don't forget to try the Apple and Elderflower (yummy!), Strawberry and Watermelon, and Orange and Raspberry options too. Plenty to cater to young and picky taste buds.

2. Think About Bread Alternatives

Kids can feel bloated and sluggish just like adults can. So instead of reaching for a few pan slices, remember oat cakes can be topped with hard-boiled eggs, hummus, cheese, and tomatoes - all the good stuff.

Cold pastas, cous cous, or quinoa salads are an excellent option too. Simply pop some pesto on top, along with tomatoes, green leaves, chicken or eggs.

3. Say 'Goodbye' To Extra Sugar

Another tip from Elsa is to try and steer away from added sugars and artificial sweeteners. This is key to making better drink and food choices each day, and of course, we and the kids are left feeling fabulous.


4. Protein For Performance

Elsa points out that protein is good for maintaining a stable blood sugar level and boosting concentration, so she recommends including tuna, chicken, a hard-boiled egg, or hummus to lunches.

Remember you can provide loads of great protein from lentils, beans, green beans, chickpeas, spelt, porridge/oats, wild rice, nuts, seeds and an array of veggies.

5. Go For The Right Kind Of Bread

Choose a wholegrain bread that has at least 2gms of fibre per slice. Fibre is vital for healthy bowel function and our health overall. Remember to look for brown and wholegrain breads. These have up to four times the fibre of white bread, making them a terrific option.

As parents, we undoubtedly do the absolute best for our little bundles of treasure. But recent research showed that nearly half of parents (49 percent) didn’t know how much water their children should be consuming and over half (54 percent) find it difficult to find healthy snacks for lunch boxes. Sounds a lot like ourselves in fairness, but by implementing Elsa's tips above - we hope they make for a healthy, hydrating school year. (Hurrah!)

Brought to you by Celtic Pure Irish Spring Water.

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