Happy Halloween: Edible Pumpkin Patches For Everyone 6 years ago

Happy Halloween: Edible Pumpkin Patches For Everyone

Taking the kids to a pumpkin patch can be great fun, but so can creating your own pumpkin patch. Especially when it's a sweet edible version.

A seasonal take on the classic crispy cake, this easy-peasy Halloween treat can be whipped up in around ten minutes, using just a few ingredients. Plus, the kids can muck in without causing too much chaos in the kitchen. We love this easy recipes from cool blog The Magnolia Mamas


6 cups rice crispies

5 cups mini marshmallows

3 tablespoons butter

Red and yellow food colouring

Sweets/chocolate/icing to decorate

Crushed chocolate biscuits for bed of dirt – Oreos work well



Melt butter over medium/low heat.

Stir in marshmallows until they begin to melt.

Add food colouring drops until you reach desired shade of orange.

Once the butter and marshmallows are combined, slowly stir in the cereal.

Remove from heat and mix until the cereal is evenly coated.

allow to cool, then roll into balls. If using chocolate or sweets for the pumpkin stem, create a dip in the top of the ball with the tip of your finger.

Add the stem, then pipe leaves and/or faces to create your cute little crispy pumpkins.

Crush chocolate biscuits on a large dish, before placing the pumpkins in their bed of dirt.

Pumpkin patch

Image via The Magnolia Mamas