Peace Pops: Ben & Jerry's launching ice pops in Ireland next month 1 month ago

Peace Pops: Ben & Jerry's launching ice pops in Ireland next month

What a time to be alive.

Ben & Jerry's are launching ice pops, or should we say 'Peace Pops', in Ireland next month.

From February, fans of the wildly popular ice cream brand will be able to take their B&J on the go, as they bring their classic Peace Pops to Ireland.

The launch comes as Ben & Jerry's famous cookie dough flavour celebrates its 30th birthday. And what better way to mark the occasion than with a cookie dough flavoured ice pop? Class.

The pops are vanilla ice cream flavoured with chocolate chips and a peace-shaped, cookie-dough-inspired centre. Dipped in a soft chocolatey coating and popped on a stick, you'll be able to to take your B&J ice cream with you wherever you go from now on. Scenes.

Ben & Jerry’s Flavour Guru (yes, that is her job), Josine Nohlmans said: “We know people love our cookie dough like their own family or pets. So we reimagined it so they never need to leave home without it.


"Now they can walk their puppy AND enjoy Ben & Jerry’s. Give me a heck yeah.”

Heck yeah, indeed.

Peace Pops were first created by the brand to campaign for peace initiatives in the US back in 1988.

Since then, B&J have continued to fight for peace and justice across the world with their choice of partners, their fairtrade ingredients, and the fact that they do, in fact, make some tasty ice cream.

Ben & Jerry’s Peace Pops will be landing in freezers in Ireland from February 2021. One pop will set you back €2.95 or you can buy a pack of three for €5.25.