WIN a family holiday to Paris worth €3,000! Just cook us up a storm in the kitchen 4 years ago

WIN a family holiday to Paris worth €3,000! Just cook us up a storm in the kitchen

Brought to you by Le Crunch French Apples. 

Mums and dads, we're searching for Ireland's Best Home Cook.

In particular, a cook that can whip up something extraordinary using... apples!

You see, we’ve teamed up with Le Crunch French Apples to give a lucky reader an outrageous prize — a family trip to Paris worth €3,000!

To get your mitts on it though, it’ll take just a little bit of thought. You'll need to choose what it is you’d like to cook/make, send us the recipe using our form below, and from here, we'll pick 12 recipes we think could be utterly delicious.

The 12 contestants chosen to cook/bake for us will go head to head at Cooks Academy, Dublin, on March 16, which will be hosted by the talented Chef Adrian and our very own Gillian Fitzpatrick.

We promise it’ll be oodles of fun.


Remember, the recipe you send us below needs to contain apples. After all, they’re highly nutritious and they make for great dishes and desserts — sweet AND savoury — whether cooked or raw.

From here, one very lucky winner and their family will be touching down in Paris for a getaway wholly deserved and WON.

Le Crunch French Apples include Granny Smith, Red Delicious, Fuji and Golden Delicious apples — so no doubt you already have your hands on them. And by the way, if your family is opting to be that bit healthier in 2019, by all means tuck into those apples!

Their high fibre content and ability to make us feel full is ideal for managing weight, plus they play a key role in preventing cardiovascular disease because they actually limit the absorption of sugars and fats. Apples are even great for exercise as they’re 85 percent water and they reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes — who knew?

So, now that we’ve essentially confessed our undying love for apples — it’s time to send us your recipe (that includes apples) and hopefully join us in our cooking extravaganza on March 16.

Now to win that title and have the family a glorious getaway! (If you cannot see our form or its 'submit' button, please click here.)

Brought to you by Le Crunch French Apples.