Nominate a special person to WIN a big chocolate delivery this Easter 1 year ago

Nominate a special person to WIN a big chocolate delivery this Easter

Brought to you by Cadbury.

It's time to treat the good eggs in your life.

Easter is getting close and you know what that means - chocolate. But that's not all it means. Easter is also a chance for you to give a little gift to the people you love. Sure, it may come in the form of chocolate, but that just makes it even better.

This year, Cadbury wants to help you give an extra special gift to a truly deserving person. That's right, the Good Egg competition is back and it's time for you to choose your nominee. Because some people are just so great that they need a little something that shows how much we appreciate them.

Is there someone in your life who you think deserves to be showered with chocolatey Cadbury Easter treats? Maybe you want to thank your parents for being the best babysitters in the world. Or this could be the cutest way to give your partner a little thanks for always being there.

They don't even need to be a person that you're close to - was anyone there for you in a moment when you needed somebody? Do you have a colleague who is always ready with a smile? Someone who can make you feel warm inside just when you need it?

Have a little think and decide who you think most deserves to be put forward. Choose wisely - there's lifelong love and gratitude on the cards here (which is more than you can say about being a mum some days!).

To put your nominee in the running, all you have to do is give us their name and a reason why you think they deserve to be the receiver of this wonderful surprise. Then we'll do the rest. Winners will be all-round good eggs who are chosen based on their generous instinct and warmhearted nature (so make sure you write a raving review!).

If you are picked, we'll get in touch to find out where to surprise your lovely nominee. Then they will receive this special Cadbury delivery with some delicious chocolate (yum!).

So spread the love and the chocolate and fill out the form below. There's a glass and a half in everyone and who knows? Maybe someone is filling one out for you too.

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Brought to you by Cadbury

The competition closes on Thursday, 14 March, so get your submissions in pronto! Four winners will be chosen from the list of nominees and each will be treated to a scrumptious Cadbury hamper worth an impressive €60.