5 ways you can upcycle the changing table when your baby is potty-trained 1 year ago

5 ways you can upcycle the changing table when your baby is potty-trained

It can be bittersweet to watch our children outgrow things we bought for them when they were babies, and have items that were once considered an essential now being rendered useless.

The thing is, though, there are plenty of these baby bits that can get a new lease of life if you give them a new purpose by recycling them into something new.

Curious as to what you can create? Here are five genius things you can do with your baby's changing table once the nappy phase is all done:


1. Trendy Bar Cart

If you are an avid Pinterest user (like we are!), you will more than likely have noticed how a bar cart is pretty much the hottest home accessory you can be in possession of these days.

The thing is, though, these can be rather expensive to purchase. Fear not. If you have an old Ikea changing table knocking about, you can turn it into a chic looking bar cart in no time at all. Paint in whatever colour you like, add wheels for mobility and even if you are not big on cocktail hour in your house, these carts can be nifty when it comes to hosting al fresco dinners and summer BBQs.


(Image and idea via Satoridesignforliving.com)

2. Bathroom Storage Unit

If you ask me, you can never have enough storage space in your home, and the more storage options, the less clutter. This goes for your bathroom as well, of course, which is why we have fallen head over heels with this changing-table-turned-storage-unit we found on Pinterest.

The rustic look is optional, of course, should your bathroom have a more modern and clean look, stick with that.

(Image and idea via Theidearoom.net)

3. Toy Storage

No need to toss the changing table out of the room when your toddler outgrows the nappy stage. Just remove the actual changing mat, and use the unit for storing books and toys in their room.

(Image and idea via Apartmenttheraphy.com)

4. Creativity Cart

We love how this changing table was turned into a "creativity cart", with easy access to art and craft supplies that can easily be wheeled in and out of a room. Now, where's our paint brush and screwdriver!

(Image and idea via Withheart.com)

5. Ironing Station

How clever is this?! And we love the fact that this little iron unit has wheels on it, meaning you can move it around and watch TV (or the kids play) while you are finishing the ironing. Genius.

(Image via Facebook/Habitat for Humanity)

Have YOU any clever Ikea (or other) hacks you would like to share with us? Send me an e-mail at: Trine.Jensen@Herfamily.ie