If you still have your old Polly Pocket, they could make you a FORTUNE now 1 month ago

If you still have your old Polly Pocket, they could make you a FORTUNE now

Polly Pocket's were one of our favourite toys growing up.

They made it onto every Santa list for years until we finally got our hands on one, and if you’ve kept them ever since you could earn yourself some serious buck now.

Yes, Polly Pocket was one of the most popular toys of the 80s and 90s and while you might think they wouldn’t have the same appeal anymore, they’re still in high demand.

But just not quite in the way you would expect.

The toy, developed by Blue Bird Toys in the 1990s, are being sold for thousands of euros online depending on their condition.

The vintage toy has become a popular collectors item after it was taken off the market in 2015. So, if you've got some of them still stored away, it may be time to break them out.

The ones that appear to have the highest value are from between 1990 and 1997 - and there's plenty of them available on eBay at the moment, with one being sold for more than €3,000.

The Vintage Polly Pocket BlueBird 1992 Partytime Stampers is currently up to €3,067.29 (at the time of writing), while the Polly Pocket Vintage 1996 Jewel Case is going for €1,533.65.

1995's Polly's Starburst Ruler & Sharpener is being sold for €1,104.23 and

the Polly Pocket Vintage 1993 Princess Polly Travel Clock is up to €1,104.23.

Polly Pocket's Polly's Toy Land Toyland from 1997 is being sold for €1,226.92 and the vintage Polly Pocket Birthday Surprise from 1994 is being sold for €1,533.65.

Of course, that's not including shipping or anything like that. Either way, we're definitely going to have a root around the attic tonight.