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07th Sep 2022

Bono bumps into girl on her way to the Debs as he visits old home

Imagine the stories.

A girl in Dublin on her way to the Debs got more than she was bargaining for when she bumped into U2 front man Bono outside his childhood home.

18 year old Lucie Dunne was making her way to St Mary’s Holy Faith Convent in Glasnevin before she headed off for her big night when she saw Bono on her road.

The singer was visiting his old childhood home on Cedarwood Road as part of a documentary before he releases his autobiography, Surrender.

Speaking about the experience, Lucie’s uncle Trevor told The Mirror that Bono curtsied when he met Lucie as she headed off to the debs to celebrate her brilliant Leaving Cert results.

He said: “He came out and he was really generous with his time. He stayed for about 20 minutes, and he came over towards me and he saw Lucie and he said, ‘Oh my god, the debutante. I’m in the presence of royalty’.

“He sort of went down one knee and gave Lucie a little twirl and was really complimentary to her.

“I think he said to her to mind herself and her friends and to have a great night but be home early and he started laughing.”

Bono was in Dublin as he visited his old home on Cedarwood Road in Glasnevin where he was met with Mrs Ryan and her family, with her daughter Lorraine posting pictures on social media of their encounter.

She wrote: “Mam was delighted to welcome Bono back to his childhood home and share some wonderful memories with us.

“Can’t wait to read his book. It was great to meet with him again and get some photos with the man himself.”

Main image: Twitter/@deeforderek