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24th Nov 2020

Camilla receiving online abuse following The Crown’s depiction of Prince Charles affair

Jade Hayden

The series dropped onto the streaming platform earlier this month.

Camilla Parker Bowles has been receiving online abuse following The Crown’s depiction of her relationship with Prince Charles.

The Duchess of Cornwall has been the subject of many hateful comments on social media after the Netflix series indicated that she and Charles had continued their affair throughout his marriage to Princess Diana.

Season four of the show portrays Charles and Diana’s early marriage, suggesting that Camilla was a constant presence in Charles’ life during those years.

In reality, Charles and Camilla were thought to have had little to no contact during the first five years of his marriage in 1981.

After the royal family shared a photo of Camilla, who of course married Charles in the years following Diana’s death, many users took it upon themselves to post hateful comments towards the Duchess, apparently in support of Diana.

Comments like “Diana forever,” “Shame on you,” and “Not interested in her” have dominated the photo since it was posted, as viewers of the series are seemingly unaware that not everything that happens in The Crown happened in real life.

Charles and Camilla’s affair is believed to have started again in 1986. According to Charles, his marriage to the princess had, by this point, “irretrievably broken down.”

Royal experts have backed this version of events and attempted to remind viewers that the Netflix series is, a lot of the time, portraying one side of the story.

Ingrid Seward, editor-in-chief of Majesty magazine, said:

“The Crown is a very one-sided portrayal, which is really the Diana version. The sad thing for people viewing it is that they are going to take it as the correct story line, which it isn’t at all.”

Series creator Peter Morgan has also stated that some scenes are fabricated in order to best tell the story he wants to tell.

He recently justified his retelling of Lord Mountbatten’s murder in which he fabricated scenes between the Lord and Charles, where the former seemingly gave the prince advice on his pursuit of Camilla.