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22nd Sep 2020

The Christmas movies TV channel is launching this week

Jade Hayden

“Hallelujah” – Alexandra Burke.

Ah, Christmas. A time for hot toddies, stocking fillers, and leaving some warm milk and cookies out for ol’ Saint Nick.

The feeble among us may be surprised that the year has accelerated so fast, but as we near December 25, it’s hard not to get into the festive spi-… Oh wait, it’s still September.

Never mind. But hey, the fact that Halloween hasn’t even happened yet doesn’t seem to matter too much to the corporations, because they’ve decided to roll out their Christmas fodder as soon as humanly possible.

Oh well, maybe we could all do with a bit of painfully early cheer in our lives.

Sony’s Christmas movie channel will be returning to Sky TV and Virgin Media users a whole lot earlier than expected this year – as in, this week early. That’s how early. You’re welcome.

The station, which boasts back to back Christmas movies, will also play host to a load of Christmas movie premiers including A Beauty and the Beast Christmas, Marrying Father Christmas, and The Christmas Cabin.

There’s also A Christmas Eve Miracle, Christmas Cruise, Lucky Christmas, The Christmas Contract, and Magic Stocking.

Heard of any of them? No, us neither.

But listen, there’ll also be a load of other films you probably actually want to watch.

“Santa and his elves aren’t the only people working their stockings off to ensure there’s enough Christmas content to keep you in a seasonal mood right until the big day and beyond,” said a statement from the channel.

“Because really, when isn’t a good time to give yourself a little festive cheer?” We would’ve said mid way through September, but listen, we’ll take it.

Sony Movies Christmas launches on September 24.