Australian creche tells parents to ask toddlers for permission before changing their nappy 1 year ago

Australian creche tells parents to ask toddlers for permission before changing their nappy

Having mothered two toddlers myself – and struggled my way through many a nappy change – often while also trying to pin said toddlers down and wrangle dirty nappies off them and clean ones on – I am going to have to say WTF to this one.

Sorry – I will catch you up.

Recently, Only About Children, an Australian chain of childcare facilities with more than 75 centers across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, informed parents they should be asking their toddlers for permission before changing their nappies – and discuss with them how they would like it done.


According to Only About Children, parents should also ask themselves: “If you were a baby, how would you like to have your diaper changed?” before changing their child's nappy.

You know – if you have time to – before they run off or roll of the changing table or smear poo all over themselves and their surroundings...

Father Changing Baby’s Diaper

“The most significant thing about a nappy change is not the new nappy,” Essential Baby reports the center suggests.


“It’s the good feelings shared between baby and parent. It’s the relationship.”

Only About Children’s advice in full:

“When toddlers become mobile, nappy changing may look quite different!”  Continue to ask for cooperation but understand that your toddler may wish to now stand for their nappy change. Also encourage their independence, you may ask him to take off his own nappy or wipe himself."

You should also, apparently, only do nappy changes when they are convenient to your child:

“Wait for a gap in their playing before starting the nappy changing process. You may wish to give your toddler some autonomy and ask ‘Would you like to walk to the changing table or should I carry you?’”

They also suggest giving your baby your undivided attention and slow down when changing their diaper.

“Toddlers sense our hurry or distraction, and it can make them tense and resistant,” they advice.

As one might imagine, parents from across the world took to their social media to have a great, aul' laugh about this advice.

“What a joke. The world’s gone mad and to think some mothers/parents will believe this crap,” one person tweeted.

"Can I ask my toddler to cook dinner for us? Vacuum the house and do some washing. Then they can put themselves to bed,' a second comment read.

"If I had to ask and wait for my toddler son to stop playing. He would have had a nappy burn from sitting too long in a dirty nappy. He never stopped playing. This is just stupid," said a third parent.

And I wholeheartedly agree with every single one of them.