Edible art materials from Jiminy.ie safe enough for even the tiniest of hands 3 years ago

Edible art materials from Jiminy.ie safe enough for even the tiniest of hands

A great idea.

Just about every child loves to paint and draw, but inevitably someone will decide to taste the crayons or paint.

Because of this it's really important to make sure the art supplies our kids use are non-toxic which is why I'm a big fan of Jiminy's edible art materials.

For little ones they have rich, creamy fingerpaint, rectangular-shaped wax-block crayons, chunky chalk, and tripod-grip-developing Crayon Rocks.

For older kids up to adults, they have crayons, powder paint, watercolours, oil pastels, and textile crayons.

Plus face paints for all ages.


These art materials are made from all edible ingredients so while these supplies are not food if your little artist still puts almost everything into their mouth you can relax.

All Jiminy's art materials are also free from petroleum-derived ingredients such as paraffin wax or polyester wax which are common in normal crayons.

Jiminy also stocks beautiful eco paintbrushes, handmade in Germany's longest-running brush factory with wooden handles, natural varnish, and vegan brush hairs.

Both of my kids are big fans of the Jiminy range and I find the chunky crayons especially great for my two-year-old as they are much easier for her to hold rather than skinny crayons.

If you fancy browsing Jiminy's edible art range or just want to do some eco-friendly shopping in general you can check out their entire range on their website.