LUSH fun bars are a great way to make bathtime fun and my kids love them 2 years ago

LUSH fun bars are a great way to make bathtime fun and my kids love them

Is there a child out there that doesn't love play dough?

My two children are both obsessed with building models and shapes with dough but it can get a little messy, especially when it get squashed into the carpet.

Last month I discovered a bath time product that could help solve my problem while also convincing the kids that it's more fun to have a shower than be caked in mud.

LUSH fun bars are the perfect combination between play dough and soap that makes bath time extra fun.

Available in a variety of different colours your child can turn their fun bar into anything that they can imagine, from aliens and mermaids to stars and family members.

I picked up some of the Christmas range for my kids with special limited colours including Frosty (ice blue) and Holly (sparkling green).


I also picked up Glowworm which is a glow in the dark shade of white, perfect for making snow men.

My kids had a great time making snow men and Santa from their fun bars and were so eager to use them in the shower that I didn't even get a chance to photograph their final creations.

The fun bars dissolve in water and also smell amazing so they're lots of fun to use in both the shower and the bath and are a great way to end the day.

You can also buy special versions of the fun bars that come with mini bath bombs for an extra magical bed time bath.

The regular fun bars are priced from around €6 while the fun bar plus bath bombs are priced from €10 and are available from most LUSH stores and online.