Is the toy your child is after sold out at Smyths? 5 other toy retailers to try 2 weeks ago

Is the toy your child is after sold out at Smyths? 5 other toy retailers to try

Have you started your Christmas shopping?

With the way this year has been I think everyone is extra excited for Christmas.

The music, the ads, the lights, something positive after a very hard year.

As parents of course we want to be able to get our children the perfect present that we know they'll love but with a lot of panic buying happening, it means many of us have found stores like Smyths to be out of stock on some items.

If this has been the case don't worry as we've put together a list of alternative places to look.


A go-to for Irish parents for decades when it comes to Christmas, Argos has everything you could need under one roof.

From pre-school toys to cosmetics and tech gadgets, there's something for all ages.


I feel like Oxendales always get forgotten about but it actually has an amazing selection of toys.

Whether it's a Peppa Pig for your toddler or new trainers for your teenager you really can't go wrong with Oxendales.


Boots is another one people don't often think about when it comes to toys but they might actually surprise you.

Several times I've found the item my child was looking for in Boots when I couldn't find it in any other shop so it's always worth a look.

Littlewoods Ireland

Littlewoods Ireland is another great choice when it comes to Christmas shopping.

Again, not everyone immediately rushes to it when they think of toys so it often has items that are sold out in other stores.


When all else fails check Amazon.

Amazon have pretty much everything, just make sure you order well in advance as some packages are coming from the States which has a long postal wait time at the moment.