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02nd Jun 2015

How to fake longer lashes using baby powder

Sive O'Brien

There’s no denying that false lashes can be a godsend for those who are lacking a bit of volume in the eye area.

Sadly though, they’re not always a practical option. While some of us might enjoy that much eye drama on a daily basis, for others, faux lashes are reserved only for occasions worthy of so much time, effort and risk.

For anyone with peepers that have a tendency to look a little barren without some artificial help, here’s a quick and easy trick to help you get the lashes you’ve always dreamed off, on a daily basis. Using a product that most people (especially the parents among us) probably have knocking around in the bathroom cabinet, you can get thicker, longer and more luscious-looking lashes without having to rely on glue and a steady hand:

1. Put a little bit of baby powder on an eyeshadow brush.

2. Sweep it across the eyelashes. Not too heavy; just enough that you can tell you have covered them, so they look nice and chalky.

3. After they are covered, take your favourite mascara and apply to the lashes starting at the base and sweeping upwards. It also helps if you shake the brush at the base of the lash – to separate the lashes a little, and help prevent clumping.


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