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12th Jun 2020

We are obsessed with these stunning local handmade soap bars by Little Village Soaps

Anna Daly

There are Frozen designs for the kids too!

These soap bars that are almost too beautiful to use are made by Ciara Bissett, a 44-year-old busy mother of three living in a small seaside town in Finglas, county Dublin.

She recently started her own handmade soap business, Little Village Soaps, to sell her mini creations and, ever since lockdown, she says the business has been booming.

Previously, Ciara sold her soaps locally from her own workshop in her home, at some farmers’ markets, and had sent some out to Skinny Batch in Lusk, which is a stockist. However, with everyone stuck at home and with demand for soap skyrocketing, she’s been receiving requests from all over the country.

In reference to the increase in demand, Ciara said:

“What I’ve been pleasantly surprised by is the amount of people reaching out to me on social media with orders, trying to support the business, even during the lockdown. I suppose there is a practical element to it – people need soap now more than ever, and I think there’s also an understanding that we need to support local businesses in the community.”

She goes on to say that her soap really appeals to people because of how natural it is. It’s handcrafted in small batches using the traditional cold process method and is cruelty-free, paraben-free, SLS-free, and palm-oil free.

The bars are 100 percent vegetable-based, which is the most natural form of soap. They contain spring water and are combined with ‘pure food’ natural oils, meaning that they keep all of their vitamins, minerals and glycerine, which is normally lost during commercial production. Pure essential oils are also added to each bar to give them a beautiful aroma. We love them already.

Ciara starting making soap after she bought a soap-making book around 20 years ago. She’d always had a passion for natural skincare, aromatherapy, plants and herbs, so she had clearly found her calling.

“I have a passion for art, and soap-making is a great hobby that combines chemistry and art. I really enjoy the fact that our consumers get to buy a great quality product at an affordable price. It doesn’t have any palm oil so it’s kind to the environment. I feel like I’ve produced a product that is eco-friendly, that doesn’t involve any animal cruelty, and that has also allowed me to indulge my creative side.”

Well, we’re certainly happy that she’s indulged her creative side too because look at the beauty that’s come out of it. Ciara is hoping to stock her soap in more shops going forward and says that seeing her soaps in Avoca or Kilkenny Shop would be a dream come true.

To check out more of Ciara’s amazing designs (seriously, they’re all incredible) or to order some soap for yourself, head over to the Little Village Soaps Facebook page.