Having a sister is really good for you, according to science 7 months ago

Having a sister is really good for you, according to science

Having a sister is actually good for your mental health.

She may drive you mad at the best of times, but science has revealed having a sister is good for you.

Yes, it's true.

Sisters steal your clothes, argue with you over the silliest things, and always hog the Netflix.

But they're also your shoulder to cry on and the one who makes you a cup of tea after a rubbish day at work.

A new study from Brigham Young University has actually found that people with sisters are happier.

They analysed 395 families with two or more children. At least one kid included in the study was aged between 10 and 14 years of age.

According to the team of researchers, children with sisters were less likely to suffer from depression. They also felt less lonely and less unloved.


The lead author of the study Laura Padilla-Walker explained that having a sister boosts your wellbeing, especially if you're the younger sibling.

Not only does it help your mental health, but having a sister also helps increase your confidence and makes you feel even more loved.

Speaking to ABC News, Laura Padilla-Walker said: "Sibling affection from either gender was related to less delinquency. It was also linked to more pro-social behaviors like greater kindness and generosity, volunteering and helping others."

She explained that sisters often take on a caregiver role. This makes younger siblings feel even more supported and cared for.

So, next time you're arguing with your sister just remember they're not so bad after all.

After all, science says so.