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04th Jul 2024

Fathers with daughters live longer according to scientific study

Sophie Collins


There’s now scientific proof that men who father daughters, live longer!

A recent study has uncovered an unexpected perk of fatherhood: dads with daughters tend to live longer lives compared to those without. 

This fascinating finding sheds a light on an area of research that’s rarely explored – the impact of childbirth on fathers’ health. 

The researchers from Jagiellonian University took on the extensive study to try and understand this phenomenon. 

They collected and analysed data from over 4,310 people, including 2,147 mothers and 2,163 fathers.

They examined the number of children each parent had, and specifically noting the number of sons versus daughters. 

The results

While the total number of children or the number of sons didn’t seem to affect a father’s lifespan, there was a clear, positive correlation between the number of daughters and how long fathers lived.

In fact, the more daughters a father had, the longer he was likely to live. According to the data, each daughter could potentially extend a father’s life by an average of 74 weeks. 

That’s almost a year and a half of extra dad jokes, bedtime stories, and great memories! 

The study also found that couples with children tend to outlive those who decide to remain childfree, highlighting the nuanced nature of parenthood and longevity. 

So, while the jury might still be out on the full implications of parenthood, one thing is clear: daughters do more than just fill homes with love and laughter – they might just be adding a few extra years to their dads’ lives.