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25th Nov 2017

This bread has mashed up insects in it (and we feel like gagging)


Olivia Hayes

Anyone else feel like throwing up?

It was only a few days ago that we watched Toff and Rebekah crunch their way through eating bugs and er, anuses, on I’m A Celeb and we gagged through every single minute of it.

But now, a Finnish supermarket has introduced insect bread… and we feel like gagging again.

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Apparently, the new bread has 70 dried house crickets in the mix, which are ground into powder and then added to flour.

Markus Hellstrom, head of the store’s bakery said: “Finns are known to be willing to try new things.

“[They] have the most positive attitudes toward insects. We made crunchy dough to enhance taste,” he said.

The result is “delicious and nutritious,” he added.

Em… we don’t think we’ll be trying it anytime soon.