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27th Feb 2015

Fresh coffee to go? It doesn’t get fresher than this…

The daily grind just got more fun

Caffeine fiends all over the world are eyeing a new invention that allows you to grind the beans for a fresh roasted cuppa on the go.

The Cafflano mug is the world’s first portable all-in-one coffee maker to feature a combined grinder, drip kettle, filter, dripper and tumbler into a single unit.


Inventor Hansang Yoon came up with the idea when he didn’t want to blow too much on an espresso machine or spend up to $20 on the five cups of coffee he drank per day.

Entirely environmentally friendly, the Cafflano mug is operated manually so it requires no batteries. All you need to use it are fresh beans and hot water.


Yoon estimates that a coffee made using his invention comes in at a tenth of the price of a coffee chain java, so if you can’t function without your daily mug of Joe, it could well be worth the €82 price tag.