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12th Jun 2021

If you haven’t tried ‘drunken strawberries’ yet, you are not living your best summer life

Trine Jensen-Burke

Drunken strawberries

Yes, pls!

Summer is here, and I don’t know about you, but I cannot wait to finally be able to have friends over, sit outside on bright summer evenings and just catch up over glasses of crisp rosé wine or a refreshing spritz.

And speaking of delicious alcoholic treats – have you ever heard of Drunken Strawberries?

These delicious rosé soaked berries are perfect to nibble all by themselves – or you can use them on top of desserts, like cake, pavlova or even ice cream.

I first came across the recipe on Pinterest, and have since seen it pop up on a variety of food blogs and cooking sites too. The idea could not be more simple – fresh strawberries marinated in rosé wine – then finished off with a dusting of sugar, and voila – Drunken strawberries.

The best bit? All you need is three ingredients:

One punnet of ripe, firm strawberries – washed and hulled

Rosé wine (or I imagine Prosecco will work just fine too!)

Sugar – Once the strawberries have soaked, coat them in white sugar for added sweetness and texture.

How to make Drunken Strawberries

Pour the washed and hulled berries into a bowl, pour over the wine and leave in the fridge for at least 30 minutes (ideally an hour) to marinate

Once that is done, carefully drain the strawberries and pat them dry with some kitchen towel

Pour some sugar out onto a plate, and gently roll the wine-soaked strawberries in the sugar.

Place into a serving bowl, pour yourself a glass of rosé and enjoy!