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04th Jul 2015

Lazy weekends mean it’s PANCAKE time

Cliona OConnor

Weekends in our house mean one thing. Beer Parties……oh no, wait! That was in 2005, not 2015. Old habits and all that, eh? Nowadays we are beginning our days roughly around the same time as we ended them a decade ago, though the munchies aspect of things have remained the same.

So to begin again, weekends in our house mean one thing…..pancakes! I could literally write a book on pancakes at this stage but I’ll spare you. I currently have a favourite healthy pancake recipe and it’s really simple. My kids love them too. Bonus.


Oat flour pancakes

Serves 4



200g Oat Flour (see above)

500ml Almond Milk

3 eggs

1tsp vanilla extract

2 tsp Coconut Sugar or agave (optional)

Coconut oil or butter for frying


1. Blend 200g of oats to make a powder. Yet again my trusty stead (ie. my nutribullet) gets to take centre stage here. (I like to use gluten free oats sometimes – you can buy them in Aldi now too. This isn’t necessary though).

2. Add the rest of your ingredients & blitz. I normally use hand held blender for this and blitz in a bowl.

3. Cook over a medium heat as per regular pancakes. I use butter as the kids cannot get enough of them – they aren’t hugely keen on the coconut oil. But this would be a healthier option for sure!

Because I am a Almond butter freak, I have mine with almond butter & Follán strawberry sugar free jam. The kids, however, slather theirs in either Nutella or honey. The irony of ‘healthy’ pancakes with Nutella is not lost on me but the way I see it at least this way they get a healthy pancake underneath it!


I am a stay at home mum of three, soon to be four, having recently given up my medical rep job in favour of full time chaos. I have a passion for sports of any kind, be it as a spectator or participator (when I get time). Other than that, I’m a fitness fanatic, food-loving, tail-chasing, cake-baking ordinary girl with a fondness for wine, jellies and shopping. Follow me at my LeanMeanMomma blog or on instagram, on Twitter @leanmeanmomma or on Facebook.


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