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01st Feb 2016

Make Monday Fun-Day With Mashed Potato Bacon Cheese Balls

Katie Mythen-Lynch

Sometimes a boring Monday calls for an epic dinner, something to blow the socks off the whole family and get the week off to a cheery start. 

With that in mind, may we introduce the mashed potato bacon cheese ball; a calorific festival of deliciousness that should only ever be eaten as a rare treat but enjoyed to the maximum nonetheless.

Imgur user NoUserNameSelected (clever, eh?) shared this tutorial:

“All you’ll need is some prepared mashed potatoes, a lot of cheese, some breadcrumbs and bacon. Before you get started, mix up your mash with an egg and spices to hold together better, then:

1. Make a cheese-centered mashed potato ball, heavy on the cheese.


2. Coat in breadcrumbs for a light crisp.


3. Then wrap in bacon for a not-so-light and meaty crisp…


4. Deep-fry…


5. Consume. 

You’ll never dread a Monday again.