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05th Nov 2018

Mum shares mash potato hack and we WISH we knew about this sooner

Easy. Handy. Job done.

Sometimes the last thing you want to do is slave over a hot oven at the end of the day. We all know it has to be done but does it have to take so long?

Trying to get the kids to eat a well balanced meal can be difficult in itself, but you want to get the best into them – and the best takes time.

Well, it doesn’t have to, as this mum has shared a mash potato hack that means dinner will be on the table in no time.

So, for “faff-free” mash potato, this is all that needs to be done:

Put potatoes in microwave until they’re done all the way through.

Cut in half.

Scoop potato out of skin straight onto plate.

Add butter and smush with fork. Add grated cheese to taste.

Enjoy mashed potato with no peeling, chopping, boiling or washing up afterwards.

Simple. Easy. Takes no time at all. We’re sold.