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25th Jan 2018

There’s a new type of Dime bar and it sounds delicious

Get in my belly.

Laura Holland

Get in my belly.

The Dime, or Daim as it’s sometimes referred to, is a chocolate bar that often gets overlooked. Through the year it has joined forces with other chocolate favourites, such as Milka Bar and Dairy Milk, to try and boost its popularity.

While it mightn’t be the first bar you’d go for, this latest version is definitely going to change that.

The folks behind Dime/Daim bars have made a brand new flavour – Limited Edition Orange. It’s been described as, “Milk chocolate with crushed pieces of Daim and orange crisps.”

It appears the product originates from Sweden but is available in the UK at the moment. Hopefully, they’ll come to Ireland and if not we’ll be calling our friends over in the UK.

Or you could pick one up from Amazon.