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16th Jul 2015

This 3 ingredient, 120-calorie Nutella ice pop is insanely good

Katie Mythen-Lynch

Personally, I’m quite happy to spoon the stuff out of the jar and directly into my mouth, but if you’re too proud to get your Nutella fix the old fashioned way, this might be more your style.

The perfect treat to bust out when you find yourself with a houseful of kids and no grocery shop done (or when said kids are in bed and you’ve run out of wine), Nutella freezer pops take seconds to make and set in four hours. They store well, so really there’s no excuse for not having a batch in the freezer at all times.

At just 120 calories per pop, these babies pack a chocolately punch and they’re heaven on a humid summer’s day.

INGREDIENTS (makes six)

3 large ripe bananas

1 cup milk (almond and coconut milk work well too)

Half a cup of Nutella


Blend all the ingredients together, pour into six moulds and freeze for four hours.

ADD: For an adults-only coffee twist, replace half the milk with cooled espresso or add a tablespoon of chocolate covered coffee beans. Grated orange zest will produce a chocolate/orange flavour,