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06th Oct 2016

Throw Out The Weaning Books: THIS Is How To Wean in 8 Easy Steps

Katie Mythen-Lynch

When it comes to introducing solid foods into your baby’s diet, there’s really only one hard and fast rule: mum and dad know best.

You’re likely to find conflicting advice everywhere you look (and there’ll be plenty more advice offered whether you ask for it or not) but really, the best guide is your baby.

Only you’ll know for sure when the timing is right.

The official recommendation by the HSE is that you “should start giving your baby solid foods when they are around six months old, as well as breast or formula milk”.

Once you decide it’s time to try solids, try these tips to make the transition fun:

1. According to HSE guidelines, between 17 and 23 weeks is usually a good age to try spoon-fed solids. Choose a time when your baby is not too hungry and let them slowly try thin pureé (no lumps) from the spoon.

2. Introduce only one new food at a time, leaving one to two days between each new food to see if your baby has a reaction or an intolerance to a certain food.

3. Make up your own baby food blends (purée of carrot and butternut squash, steamed pear and apple) and store them in little containers in the fridge, freezing the rest. Never add salt.

4. Between six and nine months you can experiment with textures. Try a smooth yogurt or a slightly heavier mashed sweet potato.

5. Remember: babies often “gag” as they try thicker textures for the first time. It can be scary but it is completely normal.

 6. Allow baby to hold the spoon, feed himself and explore different textures using his hands. Is it messy? Very. Keep a camera handy for some adorable (and very sticky) shots…

Feeding a baby girl with a spoon - messy

7. Once they get the hang of it, try handing them a rice cake. Always keep a careful eye on them as they find their way around solids and ensure they don’t try to stuff too much into their mouth at once.

8. After nine months your baby can try a selection of fun finger foods. Chopped mango, banana, meat balls, pasta shapes and soft cooked carrot are all on the menu.

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